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Organizing your own local event

To organize your own competition you need:

- an organizing team
- a piece of forest/park/any space with trees
- participants
- a jury
- social media accounts and contact with local press
- necessary local permits etc. for organizing an event

Once you have these you’re pretty much set.

Here are the basic guidelines for the contest:
Atmosphere, mood, values:

• happy, friendly, fun & funny but not ridiculous
• based on science, creativity and community building
• Inclusive, safe for people and the nature, sustainable, low carbon footprint, accessible
• no politics, no violence, no racism, sexism etc.
The three main events:
• Speed hugging: Most trees hugged in one minute.
In a clearly marked area, hugging as many trees as possible in one minute, each hug lasting minimum five seconds

• Dedication: Most dedicated hug (showing presence, intention, love, respect etc.) of a specific tree of the contestant’s choice, lasting maximum one minute

• Freestyle: Most creative hug. Style open to contestant’s own interpretation, one tree only, lasting maximum one minute

• Event points are multiplied by a factor, so that the importance of speed hugging is less then that of the other two events.

• Three judges with a connection to forests. Preferably professionals, such as scientists, people from national parks, journalists, artists etc.
Versatility is a plus.

• A couple of people who help with timing and counting the speed hugging etc.
• Depends on the number of participants, around 2-3h

• In your communication about the event, please comunicate our mission and clearly set a
mood/atmosphere according to our guidelines.
• please have your first press releases checked by the WTHA to make sure that the communications are in line with our values

contact information:
World Tree Hugging Association,

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