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World Tree Hugging Association

All of us on this planet are interconnected

Whether we admit it or not, we are all dependent on eachother and the rest of the surrounding nature

Together, as the World Tree Hugging Association we aim at
creating nature awareness in the local and global communities through
creating friendly,

shared eventsthat can bring people together.

We recognize that people want to protect what they love, and we want to
help everyone fall in love with the nature around them. We also want to remind people of how the forests
and trees can help us noticeably improve our physical and me
ntal wellbeing.

The World Treehugging Association serves as an inclusive umbrella organization for a network of local
organizations across the globe, dedicated to organizing tree-hugging events in their own comunities.
Together, we work to promote environmental awareness, inspire conservation efforts, and spread the joy
of embracing trees.


At the heart of our annual calendar lies the "Tree-Hugging World Championships," a one-of-a-kind event
held in the HaliPuu-forest in the Finnish Arctic where treehuggers from around the globe compete for the
honour of calling themselves the ”TreeHugging World Champion”. Leading up to the World
Championships there are local events around the globe, organized by independent groups.
Our work is just starting, we would be happy to welcome you to join our efforts!

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